Report: Hillary Clinton spotted at Broadway show wearing tinted glasses

Hillary Clinton was spotted in New York over the weekend wearing tinted glasses, prompting more speculation about the twice-failed presidential candidate’s possible health problems.

Medical Glasses

This is not the first time Hillary was worn glasses that were expected to be for medical purposes.

In 2013, Hillary took a bad fall and ended up with a concussion.

After that fall, she was wearing medical tinted glasses.

In 2017, she was again spotted wearing blue tinted glasses during a parade.

At the time, there were more than few medical “experts” who suggested they were the types of glasses worn to help prevent seizures.

Is She Hiding Something?

That is the question the American people have been asking for years now about Hillary Clinton’s health.

While it did not play the role her untrustworthiness did during the election, voters did express concerns about her ability to stay healthy while in office.

As you may recall, she had more than a few health scares during the election.

If the stress of the election was affecting her like that, some wondered how she would handle the stress from holding the actual office of the President of the United States?

Even after the election, Hillary was suspected of having some significant health problems.

For months, she was seen wearing very loose clothing, but the bulk of something being worn under her clothes was quite visible.

This led some to suspect she was wearing some type of back brace for problems related to one of her many falls.

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Adding in the fact she does not seem to be able to navigate a flight of steps without help, Americans may have truly dodged a bullet.

If she had won, we could easily be addressing Tim Kaine as the president right now.

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