Hillary campaign paid her own company $150,000

Hillary just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar… again.

A new report has surfaced, showing Hillary Clinton funneling campaign cash to one of her Delaware-based LLC’s.

Leopards Don’t Change Their Spots

There is little doubt among conservatives that Hillary Clinton is a con artist.

She schemed her way through the political world on the coattails of her husband.

She did nothing while serving in New York other than having a street renamed, yet somehow catapulted herself into the presidential picture.

After getting crushed by Obama, she was handed a state department job to make her happy.

She took advantage of that position by garnering six-figure speaking fees for Bill and working a pay-to-play scheme for an audience with the president.

All the while, her family was in charge of a foundation that pays most of its donations out in salaries!

So, is anyone really surprised she is now linked to some pretty shady accounting practices involving leftover campaign funds?

The Scam

Since last May, ZFS Holdings LLC has received about $150,000 from the Clinton campaign.

Payment amounts have ranged from almost $10,000 to just under $33,000.

Now, this is where it gets interesting.

Hillary’s people are claiming the money being paid was for rent during the presidential campaign.

However, there were no rent payments made during the entire election to this company for this purpose.

The more likely scenario is Hillary is skimming a little cash off the top to dip her dirty little paws into leftover funds.

Campaign laws state leftover funds can be kept in a war chest for an upcoming campaign, to pay off campaign debt, or donated to charity.

None of these appear to be the case with these payments.

A DC attorney, Cleta Mitchell, stated, “So the question is whether this is really for rent of whether the payments are to this entity for other types of work for Hillary, which would be personal use if it is isn’t specifically tied to the winding down of the campaign.”

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Since personal use is against the law, Hillary has some serious questions to answer and she better be able to back up those answers with proof.

And the sooner the better, because we all know how good Hillary and company are at covering their tracks!

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