Trump says Hillary might not ‘get away with’ her crimes

President Donald Trump really poked the bear on Thursday night at a rally in Indiana.

Trump threatened his former campaign foe, Hillary Clinton, stating, “Let’s see if she gets away with it.”

Walking the Line

President Trump, since virtually his first day in office, has been accusing the Justice Department, and the FBI in particular, of dropping the ball on Hillary’s misdeeds.

Now, however, he is taking very careful aim at the heads of those departments rather than just throwing the blame at the entire organization.

Trump specifically called out top leadership to start doing their jobs and start doing them now!

The president has to be very careful so as not to alienate the working class employees of these organizations, as many of them were his supporters in the presidential election.

Revving Up

Trump’s comments are reminiscent of the narrative he used during the presidential election season.

Conservatives wanted Clinton held accountable for her unsecured email scandal and the Benghazi tragedy.

Trump, during one debate, went so far as to hint she should not even be on the stage but rather in jail.

Hillary is back in the spotlight, no doubt due to recent reports revealing that the Chinese hacked into her unsecured email server and were reading her emails in real time during her tenure as secretary of state.

During the same time period, the Chinese managed to identify and then kill or imprison upwards of 20 CIA agents.

If these disturbing reports prove true, Hillary Clinton needs to be sitting in a courtroom, not a congressional hearing, defending her actions.

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While lauded by her fellow liberals, Hillary Clinton has proven to be the black widow for those protecting our freedom.

As Trump suggested, it is time for her to be held accountable for her actions.

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