Report: Leaked Hillary memo resulted in half a million deaths

Hillary Clinton’s actions in the State Department are once again in the spotlight.

As writer Daniel Lazare explains, one particular leaked memo reveals that Hillary’s advice may have ended up costing more than 500,000 people their lives.

Take out Assad

The memo, which became publicly available when Wikileaks published it in 2016, addressed the U.S.’s approach on how to deal with the problems in Syria at the time.

The dates on the memo were off, but according to events Clinton mentioned in the text, it can be reasonably dated to April 2012.

The major focus of the memo was whether or not to use force to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

According to Clinton, if Assad was taken out, everything else would fall neatly into place.

It worked in Libya, right?

For precedent, she pointed to the similar invention in Libya, which — only a few months after Gaddafi had been ousted — showed “no long-lasting consequences for the region.” (The Libya intervention eventually turned into what Barack Obama later called his “worst mistake.”)

A common refrain throughout the memo was that Hillary Clinton thought all the United States needed to do was flex a little and everything would “fall neatly into place,” as Lazare wrote.

She was wrong.

Tragedy in Syria

The cost for Syria, Lazare writes, was immense and continues to this day.

More than 560,000 people have been killed.

More than half the population has been displaced.

Syria has been decimated, creating hundreds of billions of dollars in damage to the area.

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This is the mess that Trump has been trying to clean up since he took office.

A mess that was literally created by the Obama administration and more specifically, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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