Hillary Clinton has epic fail in Trump-trolling attempt

Hillary Clinton and some of her Democrat buddies thought they would have a nice laugh at the expense of Trump, but it backfired big time.

After Trump’s Orlando rally, Andrew Gillum told Hillary she must be tired from running through Trump’s brain. Hillary fell flat on her face with a cringe-worthy response that she is “blessed with stamina.”

Not Really, Hillary

For a woman that has been “blessed with stamina,” Hillary sure has a pretty bad track record.

Hillary has racked up quite a long list of falls and injuries over the last several years, including a 2017 fall in which she slipped on a set of stairs and broke her toe.

Hillary had some very nearly tragic incidents on the campaign trail, along with other several falls and close calls since then. In 2016, she collapsed at the 9/11 memorial and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Moreover, she was so tired after the campaign was over, she had to go to bed and delay her concession speech until the next day.

Living Rent-Free

Hillary claims to be living rent-free in Trump’s head. She is underestimating herself, though.

She is actually living rent-free in the head of every conservative because we still can’t believe she got away with what she did.

Hillary arguably committed the biggest act of obstruction of justice we have ever seen in this country and she got away with it.

More than 30 thousand emails scrubbed from the server using professional techniques. More than a dozen phones shattered to bits with hammers.

Then-FBI director James Comey simply shrugged his shoulders and claimed ignorance in the face of this incriminating activity.

Until that wrong is rectified, let’s face it: Hillary will be living rent-free in all of our heads.

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