Hillary embarrasses herself on national TV

Hillary Clinton, with the help of the media, is doing her best to look relevant and relatable ahead of the 2020 election season. But her latest PR decision certainly didn’t do her image any favors.

Hillary appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert in what was touted as a snappy question and answer session with young staffers — but the stilted, scripted skit turned out to be more cringe-inducing than anything else. Watch below:

One thing’s for sure — Hillary has no business in comedy.

Trying to Stay Relevant

We still don’t know one way or the other if Hillary is officially going to run again. But even if she does not run, it is assumed she will play a big role in campaigning for whomever the Democrat candidate ends up being.

We have seen her burning up the guest lecture/appearance circuit.

Now, she is once again reaching out to her liberal buddies on late-night TV to keep her name in the headlines.

She apparently has still not gotten the message that most Americans simply no longer care what she has to say.

Scripted… and Fake

Hillary’s answer about the future of this country was just as bogus and scripted as her answer about Vin Diesel and The Rock.

It was almost gag-worthy when she stated, “I like to say, stronger together.”

Stronger together… and just what part of that is covered when you are being “uncivil” with conservatives so your party can regain control?

Hillary has also been appearing on regular TV shows in an attempt to flood voters with liberal ideology in recent weeks.

One of her first attempts at prime-time TV was during the reboot of “Murphy Brown.”

Hillary then made an appearance on the very successful “Madam Secretary,” where she was clearly taking a shot at the current administration.

It appears now, as conservatives, we are not only fighting against the mainstream media, but against late-night and prime-time entertainment as well.

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While ninety percent of what we are seeing on TV right now is anti-conservative, Trump’s poll numbers continue to improve.

That, above all else, should tell you how sick and tired Americans are of having the same hypocritical liberal  message forced down their throats.

No matter how they package her, she’s still Hillary Clinton — and we still don’t want her.

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