Hillary Clinton’s Betting Odds Are Up

A gambling bookmaker in the United Kingdom has more wagers on a non-candidate becoming the Democrat nominee for president than any other non-candidate running.

According to Matthew Shaddick, who is head of Ladbrokes political betting division, Hillary Clinton has more people betting that she will be the Democrat nominee for president than any other non-candidate.

Newsweek covered Shaddick’s view in a recent story:

“‘I’ve seen some speculation about what might happen if Biden had to drop out for some reason—perhaps that would leave a space for her to occupy in the field?’ Shaddick said of Clinton. ‘Doesn’t really convince me as a good reason, though.'”

Basically, gamblers are getting ready for what might happen if Joe Biden for some reason drops out of the race. Most assume that would mean Hillary Clinton would throw her hat in the ring.

Even though Hillary Clinton launching her campaign so late is not very likely, it is possible. And that’s why with Ladbrokes, odds on Hillary Clinton are at 1/20.

A 1/20 chance means that if you bet a dollar, and she somehow wins  – you make twenty dollars. Not a bad profit for someone who can stomach a high amount of risk.

This just goes to show how bad the Democrat lineup against Donald Trump in 2020 really is. It’s so bad that gamblers think even Hillary Clinton still might have a chance.

Obviously, the idea that Hillary Clinton could still be president is pretty delusional. She is more likely to serve time in the Big House than the White House. But Democrats need someone to believe in, because they know their candidates are terrible.

Meanwhile, Matt Drudge is predicting that Elizabeth Warren will be the one challenging Trump – which is great news for Trump!

On Twitter, Drudge wrote:

“It’s Elizabeth Warren’s nomination to lose…”

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