Hillary Clinton writes letter to little girl who lost class president election to a boy

Hillary Clinton is once again trying to create a divide — but this time, it is at a grade school.

After hearing about a little girl that lost a class election to a boy, Clinton penned a letter to console the girl, writing: “As I know too well, it’s not easy when you stand up and put yourself in contention for a role that’s only been sought by boys.”


To have a high-profile politician pay attention to your class election and send you a letter has to be the experience of a lifetime for a child.

Indeed, this could have been such a positive experience for everyone all the way around — but even on this case, Hillary had an agenda.

Hillary is now a confirmed a man-hater, but who can really blame her?

(Her husband isn’t exactly a stand-up guy.)

That was hardly the tone that should have been taken with this little girl, though.

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Creating Divide

Instead of building this girl up and saluting her for her accomplishment in running a great campaign (and only falling one vote short), Hillary managed to pit girls against the boys in a situation where it was not warranted.

It is quite apparent that Hillary is still very bitter about losing to Trump and failing to become the first female president in the history of our country.

We hate to break it to you Hillary, but you losing had nothing at all to do with you being a woman.

It was more about your character and the fact that nobody trusted you to have the best interests of Americans in mind.

We were also a little worried about the wares in the White House, considering that you and Bill walked out with a truck full of them last time you lived there. (Just saying.)

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