Bill and Hillary Clinton are having a tough time selling tickets to their events

Could it be that the public’s fascination with Bill and Hillary Clinton has finally faded?

With their recent speaking engagements often failing to fill even 50 percent of the venue, the Clintons’ days of public speaking are quickly coming to an end.

The Good Old Days

When Bill Clinton’s second term as president came to an end, we hadn’t seen a president leave office in as bad financial shape as him since the colonial days.

That did not last long for Bill and Hillary, though.

Hillary began her political career just as Bill was winding his down.

While former President Clinton did extract some large speaking fees immediately after leaving the White House, his real earning power started when Hillary became Secretary of State.

Bill Clinton may be the first president to ever garner larger speaking fees a decade after leaving office than he did immediately following his tenure.

This was not due to a sudden interest in what Bill had to say, though.

Many believe this was because of a blatant pay-for-play scheme created by the former first couple.

Some of Bill’s biggest speaking fees were garnered from individuals and companies who received a personal audience with high-ranking American officials tied to Hillary, including President Barack Obama.

Bad Showings

Now that the Clintons have little influence, the likelihood of people shelling out money to hear them speak is severely diminished.

Their tour first offered tickets and VIP packages in the $1,000 range, but now they are lucky to get someone to pay $10 for a ticket.

Additionally, arenas that could hold 20,000 people have more black curtains up than they do people in seats.

Maureen Dowd of the New York Times recently reported that she bought an advance ticket for close to $200, but tickets were being sold on the day of the event for single digits.

And, even at those prices, the Clinton’s could not fill 20 percent of the arena.

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The public is clearly sending a message to the Clintons that their days are done.

Hopefully, they hear it.

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