Hillary Clinton still thinks the Russians cost her the election

To say that Hillary Clinton is living in the past would be a major understatement.

Even after the government conducted its own investigation into the integrity of our presidential election and even after the Mueller report exonerated President Donald Trump of the made-up Russian collusion allegations, Clinton still thinks the Russians impacted the outcome of the 2016 election.

Still blaming the Russians

Clinton still cannot accept that her own dishonesty and lack of public appeal was responsible for her election loss.

She was asked by the host of the “Time 100 Summit” if she still “thinks that Russian interference may have swayed the election.”

“Well, let me say what I believe to be one of the best analyses of the election done by Kathleen Hall Jamieson, the very authoritative expert on elections at the University of Pennsylvania who came out with her book Cyberwar that studied both the social media attack and the hacking and weaponization of stolen material, and it’s her conclusion that it did affect the outcome,” Clinton answered.

“I think it’s pretty hard to argue against that because it was such a full-throated attack that was aimed at propagandizing people, dividing our country, creating all kinds of disruptions from phony protests and demonstrations to all kinds of agents and bots acting as though they were Americans debating politics,” she continued.

“So I think that if you piece all of it together, what with the polling information given to the Russians, what was done with the hacking of the DNC, not the e-mails, but the information stored in the cloud about persuadable targeted voters, you just begin to piece it all together.”

“I think professor Jamieson reached the right conclusion that it certainly had an impact.”

“To what extent, it’s hard to tell because we haven’t really investigated that. Nobody is truly digging into exactly what happened in a number of states on the day of the election,” Clinton complained.

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Hillary Clinton is borderline delusional at this point and it is a shame she would prefer to keep this country in turmoil so she can stoke her own ego.

This country dodged a major bullet when she lost to Donald Trump.

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