Hillary Clinton slammed Trump’s North Korea approach as “not useful” just months ago

Hillary Clinton is rarely right about anything. In fact, she’s made being comically wrong almost an art form.

She’s the Picasso of poor predictions, the Mozart of missing the boat, the Da Vinci of dumb decision making. You get the point.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she was dead wrong about Trump’s strategy on North Korea. 


It happened on The View, a show that is usually so idiotic that it takes a special brand of crazy to stand out.

Hillary delivered.

When asked by Joy Behar about President Trump’s alleged “saber-rattling” towards North Korea, Hillary went on the record:

“North Korea, this is a very serious issue. What I’m most critical of is that you cannot deal with North Korea unless you deal with our allies.”

She added:

“It doesn’t help for the President on Twitter to insult South Korea. It is not useful in our trying to bring people together to deal with what is a very serious threat to our own national security.”

Not useful, she says.

Watch here (Hillary starts talking about North Korea at 2:22):

Come again?

Trump’s approach wasn’t “useful” in “bringing people together?” Really?

Just a few months later, North Korea has promised to destroy its nuclear arsenal in full view of foreign journalists.

They’ve promised to meet with President Trump at a summit conference to discuss the future.

They released American prisoners they held for years.

And they declared an end to the decades-long war with South Korea.

Seems like Trump’s approach was rather productive. It seems like he knows what he’s doing after all.

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That’s more than you can say for Hillary. Even for her, this is embarrassing.

If she had a legacy to destroy, this would do it. Thank God she’s not in charge of anything.

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