Report: Hillary Clinton may have serious illness

Is Hillary Clinton about to make headlines for the last time?

If a shocking new report is true, Hillary knows her days are numbered and is not only reportedly suffering from brain cancer, but also planning her funeral. 

The Signs

The fact that Hillary is sick is not exactly new news to anyone.

However, it one source is to be believed, her illness appears to be much more serious than initially thought.

After several falls and a fainting spell during the election, rumors started to fly about Hillary’s deteriorating health.

Hillary’s health problems continued after the election.

On her “How I Lost” tour, Hillary was seen taking several bad falls.

She would later show up with her wrist wrapped, in what she claimed was a fall in the shower.

Rumors were also running rampant that Hillary had a severe alcohol problem.

Doctor Says

Several media doctors have weighed in on Hillary’s health.

While they have obviously not examined her, based on her symptoms, the prognosis is not very good for Hillary.

Among her suspected health issues are brain cancer and cerebral blood clots.

Hillary’s Funeral

Since Hillary allegedly does not trust Bill to handle her funeral properly, Hillary is calling on her trusty aide, Huma Abedin, to get the job done for her.

The delusional Clinton believes she should be buried with all the honors due to a president or fallen hero.

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According to the source, she is allegedly requesting a state funeral, with all of the pomp and circumstance that comes with it, and a burial in Arlington National Cemetery.

It would appear Hillary’s funeral plans prove that in addition to losing the election, she has also lost her mind.

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