Hillary Clinton says Trump wants to 'kill' his political opposition like Putin

 April 20, 2024

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her supporters still believe former President Donald Trump's hero is Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

According to the Daily Caller, Clinton once again admitted as such in a bizarre podcast audio clip.

Clinton claimed that because Trump wants to model himself after Putin, he'd also like to commit Putin-like atrocities, such as imprisoning and killing his political opposition.

"That's what Trump really wants," Clinton said during an interview on the "Democracy Docket" podcast.

What did she say?

Clinton, in the unhinged interview, held nothing back as she described how she thinks Trump is essentially Putin's twin political brother.

"Putin does what [Trump] would like to do," Clinton said.

She added, "Kill his opposition, imprison his opposition, drive journalists into exile, rule without any check or balance. That’s what Trump really wants. And so we have to be very conscious of how he sees the world because in that world, he only sees strong men leaders."

Clinton slipped in several other world dictators to use for comparisons to Trump.

"He sees Putin, he sees Xi, he sees Kim Jong Un in North Korea. Those are the people he is modeling himself after and we’ve been down this road in our, you know, world history. We sure don’t want to go down that again."

Fearmongering for 2024

The latest fearmongering tactic deployed by Democrats is pushing the narrative that Trump is a "dictator" and that America is in grave danger should he win the White House in November.

"My view, having negotiated with Putin, and knowing one of the reasons he went after me is because he knew I would deal with him in an appropriate way, and Trump would basically do whatever he wanted, it’s really important to think about what could happen to our world with Trump back in the White House," Clinton said.

She also said it's a "very scary prospect" should Trump take the White House as he would not support Ukraine like America is currently supporting it.

Clinton's words, along with her fellow Democrats, only prove that they're worried sick about Trump's high chance of winning in November and they'll say and do whatever they can to try and prevent that from happening.


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