Hillary Clinton says the U.S. can’t afford ‘another day’ of partial shutdown

Hillary Clinton is back on the attack.

The former First Lady and twice-failed presidential candidate waited until the shutdown passed the previous record (which was held by her husband) before coming out and stating, “Americans can’t afford another day.”

Then she went on to share virtually every number in existence to harass Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Hillary Missed Something

While we can appreciate Hillary’s concern, it would be nice if it was properly focused.

If you want to call out Republicans over the shutdown, fine, but do not neglect the role your counterparts on the left side of the aisle are playing in this mess.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump handed them a platter of virtually everything they have requested in terms of immigration and border security.

He did this at a very high cost, mind you.

Trump knew it was going to hurt him with his base to even offer the smallest of concessions, but he did it because he wants to get the border security issue done and over with.

Democrats have asked for long-term security for DACA recipients, he gave it to them.

Democrats have asked for more border security agents, he gave it to them.

Democrats have asked for better tech equipment to monitor drug trafficking, he gave it to them.

Democrats have said no concrete barrier wall, he gave it to them and agreed the wall would be fencing and steel slats.

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Still, Nancy Pelosi has refused to bring her fellow Democrats to the table to negotiate.

Mrs. Clinton, it is about time you are just as critical of your fellow Democrats as you are of the President because truth be told, this shutdown could be over tomorrow if they wanted that.

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