Hillary Clinton releases statement on death of Senator John McCain

Hillary Clinton reached across party lines this weekend to express her condolences and sentiments about Senator John McCain.

Late Saturday night, she sent out a tweet calling him, among other things, “a trusted colleague.”

Bipartisan Relationship

Although they represented two different parties, Hillary apparently had a decent working relationship with Senator John McCain.

That fact will no doubt create little love among Trump supporters regarding both the deceased senator and Hillary Clinton.

During a Sunday interview, Hillary described a man she seemed to know rather well.

Clinton stated, “I saw someone who revered the values of our country, and he is always thinking about America’s place in history and America’s place in the world.”

She also called McCain, “a patriot” and stated that she considered him to be her “friend.”

Clinton further stated she used McCain’s concession speech in 2008 as the framework for her own concession speech after losing to Trump.

Shots at Trump

Of course, it would not be a Hillary interview if she did not take a few shots at Trump along the way.

Hillary claims she was giving Trump the benefit of the doubt and trying to heal the country when people were so visibly upset.

What she failed to mention was the fact she immediately started to take shots at Trump, doing the exact opposite of what she was asking of her supporters.

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Oddly enough, Hillary also mentioned the fact McCain did not like the “personal attacks” that seem to come so naturally in politics.

It looks like both Clinton and her “friend” McCain did not practice what they preached when it comes to President Trump.

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