Hillary Clinton needed two people to walk up stairs at Aretha Franklin’s funeral

Hillary’s health concerns were never more apparent than at singer Aretha Franklin’s funeral this week.

While attempting to get up on the stage, Hillary had to be helped up the steps by not one, but two people.

No Chivalry for Bill

Did anyone happen to notice Bill was nowhere to be found while his wife was struggling to get up those steps?

The only help he offered her was a pat on the back and a quick good luck as she climbed on to the stage.

Considering the rumors of Hillary using Bill’s head as target practice during their days in the White House, are we really surprised Bill was not willing to lend a helping hand?

Having Problems

Hillary’s health problems are no big secret.

During the presidential election, Hillary was obviously strained from all of the activity.

It all came to a head when she all but passed out at an outdoor event.

The videos of her near-collapse are still viral on the Internet.

Hillary kept her health status rather close to the vest during the election, but there is little doubt her health had something do with voters’ lack of confidence in her.

That doubt has been confirmed numerous times post-election.

Hillary has had several falls and her appearance is deteriorating rapidly.

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Adding fuel to the fire is her often baggy and shapeless apparel, which some speculate could be concealing some sort of brace on her back.

It’s getting painful to watch. When will she retire from public life?

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