Hillary Clinton leaves husband Bill behind to attend India wedding

Being around Bill non-stop over the last few weeks was apparently too much for Hillary Clinton.

After “postponing” dates for their speaking tour, Hillary apparently left husband Bill behind to head to India for the wedding of the daughter of the richest man in India, Mukesh Ambani.

Living the High Life

Hillary Clinton pretends she works for the everyday person, but she is far from it.

The guest list for the wedding of Mukesh Ambani’s daughter, Isha, was nothing if not elite.

Mukesh is believed to have shelled out about $100 million for the multi-day affair.

Indian weddings are known for being extravagant, but this one was really over the top.

Beyonce and John Legend were even booked as the entertainment.

Both, no doubt, were paid seven-figure appearance fees for their time.

As far as Hillary goes, she was being given the first-class treatment by her hosts.

She won’t be getting a hotel bill, either, as Hillary is reportedly staying at Ambani’s private residence, a home that takes 600 staff members to maintain.

The Party

If you’re allergic to people making complete fools of themselves, you are going to want to cover your eyes.

Video of the early festivities started blowing up social media on Wednesday — and it was quite the spectacle.

Clinton looks to be in all her glory, shaking a tail feather with her hosts — but it starts to get really painful when John Kerry starts dancing.

Take a look:

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Meanwhile, noticeably absent from all the pictures circulating was Bill Clinton.

But we can’t really blame him — we wouldn’t want to spend much time with Hillary, either.

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