Hillary Clinton joins far left in praising Nancy Pelosi for her war against Trump

Hillary Clinton has made it official… she hates men and is officially a member of the extreme far left.

After the government shutdown was ended, Clinton officially joined her fellow extremists and lauded Nancy Pelosi for her obstructionist role in bringing the shutdown to a conclusion. She also made it quite clear she blames men for just about everything she deems to be wrong in this country.

It Takes a Woman

Clinton could barely hold back her full gushing over Nancy Pelosi for what Democrats perceived as a win by Pelosi. To add more fuel to the fire, Clinton stated, “It often takes a woman to get the job done.”

Now, call me a snowflake if you like, but that sure sounds a lot like men are incapable of getting the job done.

It is fully understandable why Hillary feels that way. After all, she has been married to one of the most despicable men on the planet for most of her life. However, she also needs to understand Bill hardly represents the “real” men of this country.

The New Generation

Hillary was also quite pleased with the “diversity” of the candidates in office right now. “You know, the tidal wave of women and young people running for office is helping to build an American that’s not only kinder, fairer, bigger-hearted, but safer, stronger, and more secure,” she said.

Let’s just break that statement down. First and foremost, it is great to see younger people involved in politics, but it would help if they were actually educated. Ocasio-Cortez recently stated the three branches of government are the presidency, the House, and the Senate.

This is a woman that was elected to one of the most powerful positions in our government and she has absolutely no clue what the actual three branches of our government are!

Kinder… one of the recent newcomers from the Democrat party called the President a m*****f*****.

Fairer… Democrats have proposed as much as a 90 percent tax rate on successful Americans while wanting to give everything under the sun away to individuals that won’t get off their couch. That does not exactly sound fair.

Bigger-hearted… if killing a child as it comes out of the womb of a mother is bigger-hearted, I would hate to see these people when they are angry.

Safer, stronger, and more secure… they want to open our borders, cut military funding, and refuse to secure our borders with a structure or barrier. That does not really sound very safe and secure to me.

Sorry Hillary, but we just fact checked your statement and you get 10 Pinocchio’s.

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