Hillary Clinton isn’t paying her interns – at all

Hillary Clinton is about to open up her own private sweat shop.

Hillary’s New York City office recently posted an ad for unpaid internships to work during the election season.

No Soup for You!

Remember the “Soup Nazi” episode of Seinfeld?

Well, that is the same attitude Hillary is going to have with her interns.

The ad stated all interns would be mandated to work three days a week.

What it did not say, however, is how many hours they would be required to work.

Among the duties the interns will have are:

Social media monitoring

Support Staff


Office Management

Compiling Press Clippings

What About My Bills

That is a pretty significant commitment to ask for not offering any type of compensation at all.

The job posting did not even offer a hint of a daily stipend for the interns to buy some coffee and a hot dog for lunch!

Heck, even Bernie Sanders paid his interns about $10/hour during the 2016 presidential election.

It is estimated Bill and Hillary have made about a quarter of a billion in their bank accounts since 2001.

Sadly, even though they would not even have to touch their own personal money (the students would no doubt be paid out of campaign donations), they want to keep the boot on the throat of these kids.

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Even sadder is the fact there will probably be a line a mile long of ambitious young liberals that think working for Hillary is their contribution to making this world a better place.

When they all turn 50 and realize they now have to pay for the very people they stood for in their 20s, they will no doubt look back on their venture and think “What the @*&% was I thinking?!”

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