Hillary Clinton is traveling to Alabama — without her husband

Hillary Clinton is headed to Alabama in March, but that is not the real story behind the story.

What was missing in the released announcement was any mention of Bill Clinton. Looks like Hillary is leaving him at home this time.

What About Bill?

In most cases, if Bill and Hillary are scheduled to appear together, the announcement will say so.

In this case, his name was missing.

In recent months, this seems to be more the norm than the exception for the Clintons.

It was only a couple of months ago that Hillary Clinton traveled to India to attend a mega-donor’s private wedding event.

While Hillary was seen on the dance floor with the likes of John Kerry, Bill was nowhere to be found.

Is there a growing wedge between the two?

Or, perhaps more likely, the party has finally realized Bill isn’t helping their image.

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The Bridge Crossing Jubilee

The event in question is the annual Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee in Alabama.

The event recreates one of the more notable events in civil rights history.

More than 500 African Americans took part in the protest march.

When they arrived at the Edmund Pettis Bridge, they were met by dozens of state troopers, who beat them, injuring almost five dozen of the protestors, with 17 needing to be hospitalized.

Among the more famous members of the original march were Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rep. John Lewis.

The Jubilee will be held from March 1 through March 4.

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