Hillary Clinton is 'frightened' by Trump's Republican support

 February 9, 2024

Hillary Clinton says that she finds former President Donald Trump's "hold on the Republican Party . . . frightening." 

Clinton, who lost to Trump in the 2016 presidential election, said as much during an interview Wednesday on MSNBC's Alex Wagner Tonight. 

The question

The former secretary of state made the above remark in a long-winded response that she gave to a question from Wagner about a claim made by Trump's legal team in court.

The claim, which was given by Trump's legal team in response to a hypothetical question from a judge, was that the doctrine of presidential immunity would protect a president who looks to use SEAL Team Six to kill his political opponent.

During the interview, Wagner asked Clinton this:

As someone who ran for the presidency and won the popular vote, can you even wrap your head around arguing in court that you should be able to assassinate your political enemies using SEAL Team Six? How did that argument land with you?

"He says so many outrageous things.

This question allowed Clinton to repeat one of her common refrains, namely, that Trump is dangerous.

"He says so many outrageous things that I think a lot of people have stopped listening, and they shouldn’t," Clinton said.

It is worth pointing out that Clinton, here, really did not answer Wagner's question, which was about a claim made by Trump's lawyers. Instead, Clinton simply attacked Trump.

Clinton continued:

They should pay very careful attention to what Trump says because, if they do, they can see the linkage between what he says and what he tries to do. In his first term, on many occasions, he was reigned in and even stopped by the people around him, because there were people who he put into an important position who had served in government under prior Republican presidents who understood the rule of law, who understood the constitutional system, and so much more. They were able to stop him He will now fill those positions if ever given a chance, which I hope never happens, with people who are totally members of his cult.


This was not the end of Clinton's response. Rather, she continued by bringing up the events of Jan. 6, 2021, which, again, she attempted to pin on Trump.

"I do not say that lightly because when I look at people who I know were horrified by January 6, who were Republicans in the House and the Senate, who have come around to dismissing it and discounting the horror that they themselves felt as they put themselves under desks as they ran down hallways, as they tried to escape the mob coming at them," Clinton said.

It was at this point that Clinton claimed that Trump's support among Republicans is "frightening."

"There is something about Trump’s hold on the Republican Party that is frightening," Clinton said.

Trump and his supporters would likely say that the only thing frightening about them - from Clinton's point of view - is that they are likely to put Clinton - and many others of her ilk - out of power.

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