Hillary Clinton breaks record with $2M fundraiser for Biden campaign: Report

It seems as though reports of Hillary Clinton’s lack of influence with American voters were a bit premature.

The twice-failed presidential candidate held a Zoom fundraiser Tuesday for Joe Biden’s campaign, and according to Politico, the event took the lead as the highest-earning fundraiser for the former vice president “without Biden in attendance.”

Better, but no Trump

Since Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders left the Democratic presidential primary race, Biden has been inching forward with fundraising — but as Politico noted, the former VP is still a ways behind President Donald Trump.

In April, Biden finally managed to come close to the incumbent president, raising $60.5 million in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee (DNC), according to Politico. Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC) meanwhile pulled in $61.7 million.

Biden also has several new PACs working for him that are generating some serious money.

Still, Trump’s PACs have been raking in the dough, too — leaving Biden with a lot of ground to make up. On Tuesday, Clinton did her part to help.

In a single night, she brought in $2 million for the Democrats’ presidential frontrunner, Politico reported.

Hillary’s cash grab

Indeed, while Biden has struggled with virtual town halls and fundraisers, Clinton has managed to get the hang of this rather quickly. The night before her big haul, another Clinton event raked in around $1.5 million for Biden, according to Politico.

If Clinton is raising this kind of cash, Democrats are surely looking forward to what could happen if they get former President Barack Obama on the campaign trail, which they hope to do over the summer.

In the meantime, Biden has been keeping rather quiet, not spending much on ad campaigns or events, perhaps in an attempt to save up an amount rivaling his opponent’s massive war chest.

He’ll certainly need it: polls taken this month have shown that while Biden still leads nationwide, battleground states appear to all be falling in Trump’s favor, as The Hill reports.

Point being: if Biden’s strategy was to stay quiet until he built his bank back up, now is probably the time to start writing checks. That is, if it isn’t already too late.

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