‘New avenues of discussion’: Hillary Clinton ‘excited’ to launch new podcast

Four years ago, she was the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee against Donald Trump. As the 2020 elections approach, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to be launching another campaign against the president.

Beginning next week, listeners can find Clinton’s podcast among the countless other political titles available — particularly among the anti-Trump left.

“Eye-opening, powerful, sometimes hilarious”

As reported by the Washington Examiner, Clinton’s premiere episode is set to launch on Tuesday.

Given her 2016 loss and the scandals surrounding both her and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, the once-influential political couple has become largely irrelevant in today’s Democratic Party.

Nevertheless, iHeartMedia has teamed up with the former first lady to present her latest media offering. So far, 24 episodes have been confirmed and the host is expected to cover a wide range of topics.

“I’m excited to bring these eye-opening, powerful, sometimes hilarious conversations to the forefront and open up new avenues of discussion with some of the people I find most fascinating,” Clinton said of her new podcast, according to the Examiner.

The issues she plans to broach are “too often overlooked and share the inspiration and education” she receives from those who appear on the podcast as her guests.

The latest Clinton money-maker

While the opportunity to sound off as a podcast host is clearly appealing to a public figure like Clinton, the arrangement is just the latest in a line of financial opportunities afforded to her and a host of other political insiders.

As for the Clintons, they had reportedly been strapped for cash at the end of their two terms in the White House only to rake in millions through speeches and other ventures over the two decades since.

Furthermore, an ongoing inquiry by U.S. Attorney John Durham into the origins of the FBI’s Trump–Russia collusion probe is also focused on the bureau’s handling of allegations that the Clinton Foundation operated to enrich the political power couple.

Of course, ex-politicians becoming wealthy in the private sector is hardly a new phenomenon.

Nevertheless, Clinton’s latest gig as a podcast host is sure to strike many listeners as simply her latest effort to cash in on her name.

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