Hillary Clinton warns 2020 election will be ‘tough’ for Democrats

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a shocking prediction in a recent interview.

The twice-failed presidential candidate said in a recently published podcast that the 2020 election would be particularly “tough” for Democrats and could even be “complicated” by the impeachment of President Donald Trump, Fox News reported Thursday.

An interview in London

Clinton’s remarks came during a discussion with former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard during a “World Questions” event at King’s College London in mid-November. The conversation between the two women was recently released on Gillard’s personal podcast — and what Clinton had to say about the upcoming 2020 election has sparked renewed attention to the month-old interview.

The former first lady’s prediction of a “tough” election in 2020 was centered on the fact that the country is currently so divided politically. That polarization is made even “more complicated” by the impeachment of President Trump in an election year, which will only serve to harden the president’s base of support, Clinton says.

“I think that it’s going to be a very tough election, as they seem to be these days, probably closer than one would like or expect,” Clinton told Gillard, according to The Washington Times. “In part, because we are so divided.”

She went on: “I mean, we are really a divided nation, and our partisanship stands for many other things. It stands for acceptance or rejection of all kinds of cultural changes. It stands for divides between urban and rural, between fast-growing, knowledge-based economies and stagnant, agriculture, and manufacturing-based economies.”

With regard to the current crop of Democrat candidates vying for the party’s nomination in 2020, Clinton said: “It’s all pretty bunched up in the top four or five people.”

Clinton’s same old excuses

As is typical for any interview involving Clinton, she also delved into how “devastated” she was following the 2016 election and how much of a “shock” the end result was to her, the Times reported.

“I can’t even describe to you how it made no sense. It’s why I wrote a book called ‘What Happened,’ because I was trying to figure out what happened,” she explained.

Fox noted that Clinton did admit to having made mistakes in her failed campaign, but as usual, she also cast blame upon “unprecedented interventions” such as Russian interference and public announcements by then-FBI Director James Comey, among other things.

Meanwhile, there has been plenty of speculation over whether Clinton is planning to make a late entry into the 2020 presidential race, and her constant interviews are only fueling the flames. And for her part, the former secretary of State has failed to put the rumors to rest.

Could these comments suggest she’s thinking of throwing her hat in the ring? Only time will tell.

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