Hillary Clinton inexplicably opens Twitter direct messaging to all users, hilarity ensues

By now, twice failed presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton should have settled on a secure means of email communication.

After all, it was the former secretary of state’s homebrew email server that had her in hot water all the way up until just days before the 2016 presidential election.

Clinton still can’t seem to distinguish between her public and private messaging applications, though, after she inexplicably opened her Twitter direct messages up to access by all users.

Although the consequences of her latest case of internet illiteracy are not as serious this time around, some of the messages that Clinton’s Twitter transgression have elicited are uproariously funny.

Internet illiteracy 

It didn’t take long before the word got out to the farthest reaches of cyberspace and the deepest depths of the dark web.

From these shadowy corners came a cornucopia of untamed Twitter trolls, ready to hound the former first lady for making the fatal error of leaving the gates to her social media kingdom wide open.

With barely contained elation, Turning Point USA Creative Director Caleb Hull announced it: “Hillary Clinton has open DMs.”

Political comedian Tim Young wasn’t far behind, telling, “You guys” that “@HillaryClinton opened up her DMs.” The crafty comic even provided a cunning way to get Clinton’s attention.

If pledges to donate to the Clinton Foundation failed to capture Clinton’s attention, then perhaps user @JJshout was on to something:

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Despite the late hour, a man identified as “Lord Single Malt” couldn’t help but to check on his new DM friend. “You up?” he asked his new penpal at 11:02 p.m. before sending her a memorable pic.

After Clinton audited her own emails and released the messages she deemed appropriate for public consumption, she commented on how her actions gave the public “unprecedented” access to the fascinating life of a senior government official.

Well, even this author couldn’t resist the opportunity to reach out and access Clinton’s oh-so-compelling personal life with a DM of his own:

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