Hillary Clinton declares that there is no emergency at the Mexico border

Surprise, surprise, Hillary Clinton is against a Trump platform issue.

When asked about the possibility of President Trump declaring a national emergency if an agreement is not in place before February 15, Clinton stated, “There’s no national emergency” on the southern border.

Watch below:

What Do You Consider an Emergency?

If Hillary does not think there is an emergency going on at the southern border, one would have to question what qualifies as an emergency to her.

Is a full third of the women making the journey being raped considered an emergency? Is the fact children are being dragged across this terrain without proper medical care or nutrition considered an emergency?

Is the fact far too many of these children and women are actually part of a human trafficking scheme a national emergency? What about the fact gangs such as MS-13 and terrorist groups regularly use immigrant crossings as a way to sneak members into this country?

Democrats will no doubt counter those last two points by saying out of 10,000 immigrants, maybe one or two might be a terrorist. Even if we concede those numbers, we know how problematic just one or two individuals can be.

Less than a dozen individuals killed thousands of Americans during 9/11. And how many people were hurt during the Boston bombing? An attack that was carried out by just two individuals.

Stop the Politics

It was not so long ago Democrats demanded more border security.

The original wall legislation was proposed by Democrats.

Schumer, Obama, and both Hillary and Bill Clinton, among others, are all on video demanding more border security to prevent illegals from entering the United States.

Democrats only started to oppose illegal immigration when Trump used it as an anchor issue on his presidential platform.

If a Democrat were in the White House making the same claims as Trump, you could rest assured Hillary would say this was a national emergency. On this issue, in particular, it is time for Democrats to stop playing politics and actually do what is right to protect ALL Americans.

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