Hillary Clinton comes forward, laments longest government shutdown in history

As expected, the moment the government shutdown hit its 22nd day, Hillary Clinton was burning up social media to rip President Donald Trump.

Just about the second the shutdown became the longest in our history, Hillary took to Twitter to blast Trump and Republicans for the shutdown:

Crying the Blues

Clinton is one of hundreds of high-profile Democrats putting zero blame on members of their own party for the current government shutdown, which is fine.

Trump himself openly took on the onus for the shutdown and did so proudly.

He has stated that it was a hard decision, but the right one for the overall good of the country.

It was very clear such drastic measures were needed in order to get the Dems to come to the table on border security.

What is bothersome, though, is that Hillary and every other Democrat is ignoring history, as they are known to do.

The Real History

One of the reasons Mrs. Clinton was no doubt so excited that this current shutdown has become the longest in history is because her husband held that honor before Saturday.

Then, as most Democrats are doing now, Bill took no blame for the shutdown.

When the shutdown was announced, he blasted Republicans in Congress and put all the blame on them. Take a look:

Not so surprisingly, Hillary, at the time, was not putting pressure on her husband to end the shutdown for the sake of government workers and our national parks.

As Democrats did, she stood firmly behind Bill and blamed it on the Republicans — just as she is doing now.

Politicians these days seem to have a very short memory span.

Democrats forget that less than five years ago, many of them had the same exact stance as Trump on border security.

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This used to be a bipartisan issue — but that was all before Trump.

Now, Democrats have made it quite clear that if Trump is for it, they are against it — even if it means they are going against the very citizens that finance their paychecks.

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