Hillary Clinton claims Durham filing is a false narrative, but continues to lash out at Trump

Recently, Special Counsel John Durham submitted a court filing that seemed to indicate that he had evidence proving that operatives employed by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 failed presidential campaign set up what amounts to a cyber-spying operation against former President Donald Trump, both when he was a candidate and even after he was in the White House.

As rumors swirl that the Democratic Party might at least be eyeing the prospect of running Clinton in the 2024 election, the report came at a bad time for the former secretary of state. But as Liberty Nation writer Graham J. Noble wrote in a recent op-ed, if Clinton isn’t guilty of anything, why is she lashing out against Trump and those who are raising questions about Durham’s findings?

“She has chosen to emerge from a semi-private life to lash out at Trump once again, but a question must be asked: If there’s no there, there, why even bother?” Noble asked.

He added: “Examining the details of the Trump-Russia collusion theory uncovers an undeniable pattern; everyone involved in the discovery, investigation, and promoting of this unlikely fantasy was either working for Clinton’s 2016 campaign, promoting her as the preferable victor, or desperately trying to prevent Trump from becoming president.”

Is she guilty?

As Noble noted, Clinton’s sudden reappearance in the wake of Durham’s report raises questions as to whether or not she might have a guilty conscience, and he added that we might be able to determine that based on future public statements from the former first lady.

He added that while Clinton is unlikely to have to face the allegations in an actual courtroom, which is on every conservative’s wishlist, it does appear that she’s attempting to clear her name through statements on social media.

In Durham’s Feb. 11 court filing, which was connected to indicted attorney Michael Sussman — who worked at a law firm employed by Clinton’s campaign — it was alleged that the Clinton campaign paid a firm to tap into the metadata at both Trump’s private residences, and at the White House, to establish an “inference” and “narrative” that linked Trump to Russia.

From there, we all know what happened, as Democrats attempted to smear Trump to the point that he would lose the election, though ultimately he prevailed.

Most, if not all, of the players involved in the alleged operation have trails that all lead back to Clinton’s campaign, and/or Clinton herself.

Trump responds

Unsurprisingly, Trump quickly issued a statement in the wake of Durham’s filing in which he clearly felt vindicated for his claims over the past six years or so that Clinton and other Dem operatives were spying on him.

“This is a scandal far greater in scope and magnitude than Watergate and those who were involved in and knew about this spying operation should be subject to criminal prosecution,” part of Trump’s statement read, as noted by Fox News at the time.

Only time will tell if Clinton continues to push back on the story, or if she’ll travel back into the woods until the 2024 election gets a little closer. The mainstream media might be intentionally ignoring the developments, but Durham could have a lot more in store for her and her cronies in the near future.

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