Hillary Clinton opens speculation of 2020 campaign with Instagram post

Hillary Clinton has generated a ton of buzz after posting a photo to Instagram featuring a Beyonce Knowles quote about “taking power,” Breitbart reports.

Clinton has been flirting with the prospect of running for president for months, and many are wondering if she will pull the trigger soon — something that would provide entertainment for all.

On the campaign trail again?

Clinton’s post featured a motivating message from a famous singer who has had ties with leftist politicians for years.


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@Beyonce speaks the truth.⁣ ⁣ #GutsyWomen

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It’s worth noting at this time that if President Trump had posted a quote like that, it would have generated outrage about dictatorial impulses and the like.

So is Clinton thinking of taking power by means of winning the 2020 election? It is possible she could be seriously considering it. That is not to say it is anywhere close to being a good idea for her.

Clinton has no chance

In a theoretical Clinton candidacy, she would be completely dead on arrival. Even in her currently limited capacity on the periphery politics, she is toxic for Democrats, as Al Jazeera reports.

Clinton’s spat with Democrat candidate Tulsi Gabbard has created a rift with Democrats and generated headline after headline of bad press for Democrats.

Like it or not, the Clintons and the Democrats will be forever tied — so whatever she is saying out there is going to come back to bite the Democrats.

Considering that, Clinton’s slander of Gabbard — alleging she is a Russian asset — is even more egregious given that she has offered no supporting evidence. Why should Americans care who she says is working for the Russians when there is absolutely no evidence backing her assertion?

Tulsi Gabbard at this point has a lot more supporters then Clinton does, and she is doing more than Clinton is. Gabbard has done real work to end the Syrian civil war and to keep American troops out of the conflict.

Avoiding war is one reason why Americans chose Trump over Clinton and why Americans would almost certainly reject her again. But she should still run, just to further cement her legacy as one of the most destructive — and destined to lose — politicians of the 21st century.

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