Hillary Clinton attacks Trump for Independence Day celebration

As was expected, Hillary Clinton led the way in the attacks against President Donald Trump for his Independence Day celebration at the National Mall.

Hillary said in a tweet that Trump should not need the military next to him to prove his patriotism on the day that celebrates the birth of our nation…

This Was Not About Trump

If Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats thought this day was about Trump, they just don’t get it. This was never about Trump and always about our military.

If not for the brave men and women that fought for this country, both past and present, we would not even exist today.

Even as our Founding Fathers were writing the Declaration of Independence, George Washington wrote of very dire circumstances, expecting to lose. However, he, along with American colonial troops, continued to fight the battle.

This battle went on for seven more years after they had already been entrenched in the war for more than a year.

If not for those brave men, the United States simply would not be, nor would all the great achievements and movements this country has led.

Democrats No Longer Patriotic

The fact is, to be a liberal and a Democrat these days means you are not patriotic.

You don’t see conservatives burning flags. You don’t see conservatives holding protests saying this country was never great. No, all that negativity comes from the left.

While conservatives fight tooth and nail for American and our veterans, liberals fight for illegal immigrants.

Hillary and her supporters were furious about the Independence Day celebration because they actually hate this country and are ashamed of it.

Well, they can hide and criticize all they want, but Trump’s patriotic display was exactly what this country needed.

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