Hillary Clinton hints she will support moderate Dems in 2020

It would appear as though Hillary Clinton finally realizes the president is not elected by popular vote in this country.

During a recent interview, Clinton dropped a bombshell on Democrats by indicating that she might actually be supporting moderate candidates in the 2020 election, Fox News reports.

Clinton noted the importance of nominating a candidate who can actually carry the Electoral College and not just the popular vote. Translation: these radical and super leftist candidates will never beat Trump.

Popular vote vs. Electoral College

For the better part of two years, Hillary Clinton has been conducting herself as though she were cheated out of an election win in 2016.

She believes that because she won the popular vote, she should have been handed the keys to the country. During a recent interview, Hillary likened her loss to that of receiving more than 60 million endorsements and still not getting the job.

Hillary ignored the fact you need to win the Electoral College in order to be president, not just suck up to liberals in New York and California. She has finally seemingly come to terms with that and warned her fellow Democrats of making the same mistake she did. Hillary stated: “We have to hope that whoever ends up being nominated can win the Electoral College.”

As it stands, there may be one or two Democrats in the race who could win the Electoral College, and Sens. Bernie Sanders (VT) and Elizabeth Warren (MA) are not among them.

It’s There for a Reason…

Our Founding Fathers did not trust direct democracy because they knew the system could be manipulated. As such, one of the safeguards against such manipulation was the creation of the Electoral College. This voting system ensured that regardless of how small, every state in the Republic would be represented.

The desire was for our future leaders to have to campaign in every state, not just the states with enough people to all but ensure them a victory.

The 2016 election was proof that the system worked. Without California and New York, Hillary Clinton would have been utterly crushed in terms of the popular vote. Obviously, eliminating those states from the process is not feasible, but there is no need to anyhow, because that is what the Electoral College is for.

It seems that what Hillary is actually saying is that the only real candidate that would have a chance of beating Trump would be Joe Biden, but he is mired in significant controversy at present. His and his son’s ties to Ukraine and the depth of his potential corruption have been extensively examined by reporter John Solomon, but the mainstream media has yet to latch on to the story.

If and when they do, Biden’s campaign should be over, which will leave us with Warren or Sanders. If that happens, Trump may not be assured of a win in 2020, but his chances of victory will increase exponentially.

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