Fox News reporter reveals Hillary Clinton could be charged with 13 crimes

While Democrats continue to cry about conspiracy theories, the fact is Hillary should be behind bars rather than still alive and well as a political personality.

While appearing with Sean Hannity on Fox News, attorney Gregg Jarrett said Hillary could be charged with as many as 13 crimes.

The Crimes

Right out of the gate, Garrett says Hillary could be brought up on charges for six anti-corruption charges, all felonies.

Garrett also said Clinton should be facing charges for “using her charity as a criminal enterprise.”

In addition to those charges, there are the email crimes that have already been proven.

That would add two more espionage crimes and two additional crimes she would and should be facing.

The fact that her campaign paid someone for the Trump dossier is also a crime.

Garrett stated, “You can’t pay a foreign national relative to a political campaign and it appears she also – and the DNC – hid it – in their disclosure reports, which could also be criminally charged.”

Not only did Hillary’s team back the dossier, her campaign also tried to hide the funding for the dossier.

By not properly revealing the payments, which hints they knew they were doing something illegal in the first place, they violated federal election laws.

And do we really need to mention the Uranium One scandal?

According to Garrett, there is already an informant ready to testify on the Uranium One deal that also has information regarding the dossier and Hillary Clinton’s campaign’s involvement in it.

In fact, a member of Hillary’s own team, former campaign spokesman Brian Fallon has already admitted that Hillary herself “may have known” about the smear attempt (the dossier) against Trump.

Will She Ever Face Justice?

We know Hillary and her campaign have created crimes.

The only real question at this point is if Jeff Sessions and his Justice Department are going to actually bring her up on charges.

To this point, even though we have changed administrations and Attorney General’s, we are seeing Hillary protected in the same manner now as she was then.

It’s time for Trump to fire Jeff Sessions and this this once and for all. It’s time to indict Hillary – and if Sessions won’t do it somebody else will!

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Why the political machine in Washington continues to protect her is a mystery.

The only thing that makes sense is the Clintons are the brick at the base of the building. Meaning, if they go down, they are going to take all of Washington down with them.

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