Poll: Hillary Clinton candidacy would end Joe Biden’s presidential hopes

There has been a lot of speculation recently that Hillary Clinton is seriously thinking about running for president again.

However, if she does announce a campaign, a new poll has found that her candidacy would ensure that both she and Biden would be three-time losers.

Please Run, Hillary

Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton has not been able to get over her defeat in the 2016 presidential campaign. She has put out plenty of feelers trying to generate some interest in another run.

During a recent interview as part of her book tour, Hillary stated that she could easily defeat Trump “again” if she ran.

It remains rather shocking that a former senator and secretary of State refuses to accept the results of our electoral college.

Some of Hillary’s former staffers have also come forward recently to say that another campaign is not out of the question if she believes she would win.

Well, the new Harvard Harris poll shows that it would be unlikely she would even make it out of the primary contest.

Not Enough Support

If Hillary ran, the new poll matching her up with the rest of the field shows she would run neck and neck with Joe Biden.

The only problem, though, is that Hillary would essentially only take votes away from Joe Biden. Based on which poll you are inclined to believe, Joe Biden is getting a little more than 30% of the vote right now.

If Hillary ran, she would hit the ground with 18%, but Joe Biden would drop all the way down to 19%, putting him in third place as things stand now.

This would ensure either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren of winning the nomination, either of which would have a difficult time selling a socialist agenda to the American people.

Democrats in this country just want Hillary to go away, but she seems utterly incapable of doing just that.

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