Ken Starr says Hillary Clinton was a ‘systematic enabler’ for Bill’s sexual affairs

As the country rushes to read Bob Woodward’s new book about Trump, Clinton prosecutor Ken Starr is creating a bit of a stir himself.

On Tuesday, Starr’s memoir, “Contempt: A Memoir of The Clinton Investigation” was released, revealing more sordid details from the Clinton administration.

Starr did not pull any punches on the former First Lady and failed presidential candidate either, calling her a “systematic enabler” of her husband’s sexual misdeeds.

According to Starr, Hillary Clinton spread the tale that Bill was being attacked by a right-wing conspiracy “to avert the nation’s gaze from her husband’s many crimes.”

More details of Bill’s sordid White House affair with Monica Lewinsky surface in the book as well. “She told of having ’10 sexual encounters’ with Clinton, 50 late night calls with Clinton ‘that sometimes included phone sex,’ 30 gifts from her to him and she provided an 11-page chart detailing their affair,” reports Paul Bedard in the Washington Examiner, who obtained an advance copy of the book.

Finally, Some Truth

Even though Bill Clinton was almost tossed out of the White House in disgrace, Democrats continue to tout him as some type of savior for the party.

More amazing is the fact Hillary Clinton gets off without so much as a slap on the wrist for her part in his scandals.

Starr paints a picture of two individuals that held the entire country in contempt and felt as though they were completely above the law.

Ending the Clinton Era

One would think the defeat of Hillary Clinton would have ended the family’s political career, but that has not really happened yet.

Hillary continues to have her phone ring with opportunities to tell willing listeners how horrible of a man President Donald Trump is.

Bill Clinton somehow still manages to get speaking engagements.

Starr seems to feel it is his duty to come forward and make sure everyone knows the true legacy of the Clintons.

He also wanted to dismiss Hillary’s excuse for everything.

According to the former First Lady, Bill’s affairs were the result of nothing more than right-wing conspiracy theorists.

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The fact is, as Starr put it, Hillary was actually a key enabler that both allowed this type of conduct to happen as well as helped to cover it up.

As Clinton defenders try to erase the scandals of his presidency, Starr’s book all but ensures they will now stay etched in stone.

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