High-profile Mexican politician gunned down at soccer field

August 3, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

The world of Mexican politics was rocked this week after a high-profile politician was murdered Monday night in the suburb of San Nicolas in the Monterrey metropolitan area. 

According to Breitbart, 45-year-old Ricardo Flores Suárez, the legal director for the Nuevo Leon Congress, was reportedly gunned down by a group of assassins.

Two additional victims were injured in the brazen murder. Their status is currently unknown.

Suárez was reportedly murdered in "the cafeteria area of a local soccer field at the time of the attack." Breitbart noted that the soccer field was close to his private residence.

The latest

The outlet reported that the politician was a major player in his Mexican state, also a member of the party "at odds" with the state's governor.

Breitbart noted:

The victim was a long-time National Action Party (PAN) member who had been a federal congressman twice and was a current key member in their state’s political structure.

Governor Samuel Garcia, a member of the Citizen’s Movement Party (Movimiento Ciudadano), had reportedly expressed frustration with the state's Congress for blocking many of his legislative proposals.

"In a climate of so much anger between the governor @samuel_garcias and the State Congress, the murder of the legal adviser to the Legislative Branch must be clarified, up to the last consequences. For the sake of democracy, the rule of law and peace and social tranquility, this is how it should be," LilianaFloresBenavid tweeted.

Notably, the governor hasn't made public comment on the high-profile, shocking assassination, but has been active on social media promoting other agenda items.

Tributes pour in

"Today we honor Ricardo Flores Suárez, a dear and valuable man. From an early age he demonstrated his dedication by studying Legal Sciences and earning master's degrees in Law and Business Administration. His career included important roles in the Legislative Branch and as Legal Adviser," Carlos de la Fuente tweeted.

He added, "Ricardo was a Federal Deputy and Legal Director in Nuevo León, always showing a vocation for service and a generous heart. Those of us who knew him remember him for always spreading joy and optimism. His inspiring legacy will live on in the hearts of many. We send our condolences to his family and friends."

Others expressed shock at the politician's murder, and demanded further investigation.

The murder is one of the latest examples of escalating political violence across Mexico, with seemingly no end in sight.

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