Herschel Walker makes a comeback in new polling

Herschel Walker is back in the running, according to a new poll from Moore Information Group. 

Walker is facing off against Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) in the race taking place in Georgia for Warnock’s U.S. Senate seat. Warnock is serving out the remainder of his predecessor’s term after winning a special election that was held in January 2021.

Most of the polls currently have Warnock in the lead. Real Clear Politics has Walker trailing Warnock, on average, by 3.3 percentage points, 48.3% to 45%. This lead, though, may be inflated somewhat by an outlier Quinnipiac University poll that has Warnock in the lead by seven percentage points.

In contrast, a new internal poll has Walker in the lead.

The poll

It is an internal poll that was taken for Walker by the Moore Information Group.

The pollster surveyed some 800 likely voters from Georgia by telephone between October 8 and 11. The results were released on Twitter.

The poll has Walker in the lead by two percentage points, 46% to 44%. Of the remaining 10 percentage points, four went to Chase Oliver, the libertarian candidate.

The pollster, however, doesn’t state where the remaining six percentage points went. The pollster also doesn’t state what the poll’s margin of error is. So, there is certainly a possibility that Walker might not actually be in the lead.

The poll’s real significance

Despite the uncertainty, the significance of this internal poll is that it shows that Walker is definitely still in the race despite recent scandals.

One of the scandals came from the left-wing Daily Beast. The outlet published a report claiming that Walker, a pro-life candidate, paid for a woman to have an abortion in 2009. Walker has vigorously denied the claim. In addition, the New York Times published a piece claiming that there is a divide between Walker and the Black community in his hometown.

Following the release of the internal poll, Scott Paradise, Walker’s campaign manager put out a statement, saying:

Fresh polling: Herschel Walker is leading this race, despite the coordinated left-wing attack last week. Also, we had our single strongest fundraising day of the entire campaign, banking nearly $500k in the last 24 hours. Georgia voters aren’t buying Warnock’s lies.

The significance of the race between Walker and Warnock cannot be understated. It is a critical one for Republicans to win if they want to take back control of the U.S. Senate.

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