'Heresy hunt' victim now cleared by employment tribunal

 May 25, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A woman targeted in a "heresy hunt" and had to resign from a rape crisis center because she asked whether a staff member, described as "non-binary" was a "man or a woman" has been cleared by an employment tribunal.

It is the Christian Institute that confirmed Roz Adams, a support worker who asked the question on behalf of a domestic violence victim who was not comfortable "talking to a man," was targeted improperly.

Adams resigned from the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Center when her beliefs were put under a "misconduct" microscope after her question.

Ian McFatridge, acting as an employment judge, concluded that managers at the center "used the disciplinary process to 'make an example' of Adams" because they considered her guilty of the heresy of not fully adopting the transgender ideology.

Adams said, in the report, "This is a victory for all people who have been subjected to sexual violence who need a choice of worker and group support based on sex to feel safe. For me, it validates and makes worthwhile three years of struggle."

The national organization, Rape Crisis Scotland, now has scheduled an independent review of the local center, where two board members reportedly have departed and "the position of its CEO Mridul Wadhwa – a man who identifies as a woman – has been described as 'untenable.'"

Helen Joyce, a spokeswoman for the Sex Matters organization, told the Institute, "Sex-based boundaries matter for everyone, but most especially women who have experienced male violence and sexual assault. By standing up against the abusive management, Roz Adams has helped women across the UK."

And columnist Suzanne Moore said in The Daily Telegraph, "This is yet another case demonstrating that when light is shone on to these proponents of extreme gender ideology, the center cannot hold."

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