Here's why Haley continues to be suggested as a running mate for Trump

 December 25, 2023

The Washington Examiner just published a report explaining why it is that there continues to be speculation about Nikki Haley possibly becoming former President Donald Trump's running mate in 2024. 

According to the outlet's report, there are two main reasons.

One reason is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and the other is a recent CBS report.

Before we get to that, it is worth pointing out why talk of a Trump-Haley ticket is raising eyebrows.


There has been much speculation about who Trump is going to choose as his vice president because polling has suggested that it is a foregone conclusion that Trump will win the Republican Party's presidential nomination for 2024.

Trump has not really given any hints about who it is that he may pick to be his number two. But, in an interview that he did with NBC in September, he suggested that he is leaning towards choosing a woman.

The concern that some Republicans have is that, although Trump seems to have secured the Republican vote, he may struggle, in the general election, to get enough votes from independents and more centrist voters to win the election. This is why there have been many suggestions that Trump ought to pair up with someone like Haley, who would have a much better chance at getting those votes.

From this point of view, a Trump-Haley ticket makes sense. But, from just about every other point of view, it does not.

To sum the situation up, Haley and Trump do not have the same politics, and, personally, the two seem to have found themselves in a bitter feud. Trump continuously bashes Haley, and Haley, at times, has returned the favor. Haley has also stated that she has no interest in being Trump's running mate.

So, why do we keep hearing about a Trump-Haley ticket?

According to the Examiner, part of the reason is that DeSantis continues to push the idea of a Trump-Haley ticket.

The outlet reports:

DeSantis's allies on social media have pushed the Trump-Haley rumors. DeSantis’s campaign has launched a website claiming the two of them are working together against him to “make the establishment great again.”

Then, according to the Examiner, there is a recent report from CBS News that claims that Trump has been asking his supporters what they think about a Trump-Haley ticket.

CBS reports: "Former President Donald Trump has been asking allies and advisers for their thoughts about Nikki Haley as a potential vice presidential candidate, two sources familiar with the conversations tell CBS News."

Given some of the words that Trump and Haley have exchanged, it is hard to imagine Trump and Haley ever again teaming up. But, now we know at least part of the reason why talk of a Trump-Haley ticket continues.

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