Mollie Hemingway suggests gaffe-prone Biden poses threat to US national security

The Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway thinks President Joe Biden poses a threat to American national security.

The Washington Times reports that conservatives including Hemingway are raising concerns about a potential crisis in the making as President Biden continues to stay largely out of the public eye nearly two months after taking office. And the public appearances he has made aren’t inspiring much confidence, either.

“For national security reasons, let’s keep Biden in the basement and off TV,” Hemingway wrote Tuesday of the 78-year-old president, according to the Times.

“Maybe it’s not great for us if foreign adversaries see him too much in his weakened state,” she added in a piece for The Federalist. “Save him for when he is alert and able to handle the pressures of public speaking.”

“The last thing we need”

Hemingway’s comments came in the wake of recent remarks by Biden where he allegedly forgot the name of his own secretary of defense. Besides limited appearances like these, Biden has largely avoided the media, however — a stark contrast from his predecessor, who spoke candidly with the press often.

Instead, Biden has taken to letting his press secretary and others in his administration field questions from journalists, and he still has not held a solo press conference since being inaugurated.

In Hemingway’s eyes, that’s probably a good thing, however. After all, she writes, Biden “just struggles with communication.”

“Biden’s never been the most incandescent bulb in the political chandelier, but his more recent decline in verbal acuity has been noticeable,” Hemingway wrote Tuesday. “He forgot Merrick Garland’s name, which states he is in, that his future running mate Kamala Harris was in the Senate, and the words of the Declaration of Independence.”

She went on: “The problem with Donald Trump was that he had no filter… With Biden, who knows if he even knows what he’s saying. The last thing we need is for our adversaries to take advantage of how little control he has over his own faculties.”

“Hiding in the basement”

But as Hemingway urges Biden to stay out of sight for the good of the country, many in the GOP want to know what the White House is hiding.

“Instead of taking questions and speaking directly to the American people, Joe Biden is hiding in the basement waiting for direction from his liberal handlers,” the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) complained of the president this week, as Breitbart reported. “What are they so afraid of?”

Amid growing pressure, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has said Biden will hold his first solo press conference before the end of March, Breitbart reports. But it is still unclear when — or even if — this will happen.

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