Pete Hegseth says ‘traditional American values’ — not traditional journalism — brought him to Fox & Friends

Fox & Friends is no longer just for traditional journalists — it’s one place where you can expect to find someone who still holds to traditional American values.

Fox & Friends’ weekend co-host Pete Hegseth recently detailed to IJR how “traditional American values” shaped his career choices, which has taken him from the military to veterans advocacy to cable TV.

“It was a love of God and a love of country. It was a basic, pure genuine patriotism, appreciation, hard work, individual responsibility, competitiveness,” Hegseth told IJR, describing how he was raised. “I was not from a military family, so it wasn’t that tradition, but it was a general reverence for things that matter.”

“These traditional American values that have been passed on for decades — they’re not political, they’re cultural.”

Now, Hegseth hopes to use his voice to help close the gap between the media perspective and reality.

The Disconnect

Hegseth believes the media often tells a story rather than the real story.

He used Trump’s recent visit with the troops as an example.

When a president visits the troops in a war zone, it should not be about politics.

However, that is exactly what the media did with this visit.

The media even tried to get soldiers in trouble for having their MAGA hats signed.

Hegseth also pointed out that now that the war is almost two decades old, many Americans actually have no idea what is really going on over there.

The country has become so disconnected, in fact, when Trump announced he was going to pull our troops out of Syria, many Americans did not even know we had troops there!

Military Service to Advocacy

It was that disconnect that led Hegseth to his current career.

He believed Americans needed to know the truth rather than the slanted story presented by the media.

His quest started when he joined Concerned Veterans for America.

This is an organization that brings to light many of the failures of our Veterans Administration.

Hegseth believes veterans can and do have a powerful voice, but they need to be organized or nobody will hear what they have to say.

His goal now is to give a voice to those that served and tell the truth about what is happening.

The media’s spin on Trump’s visit infuriated Hegseth.

Hegseth stated, “They turn a Christmas trip to Iraq, which I always appreciated when George W. Bush did it and Barack Obama did it, they turned that somehow into a negative.”

He is hoping to change all of that by becoming a more active contributor on Fox News.

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Hegseth currently has a feature on Fox Nation, “Ace of Spades: The Hunt for Saddam Hussein.”

He also hosted Fox’s New Year’s Eve coverage, which included covering the live swearing in of new members of the military.

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