Impeachment hearing was a flop among independent voters: Report

After weeks of closed-door testimony, Democrats have finally made the impeachment hearings public — but apparently, it’s not as interesting to the American people as Democrats thought it would be.

A mere 19% of independent voters admitted to actually watching the hearing in a recent poll, according to Breitbart, with 36% saying they had no interest in them at all. While most Independents are aware of the impeachment process in one way or another, they’re not nearly as engaged as Democrats or Republicans.

Ratings flop

Independent voters will undoubtedly be the key to the upcoming election. We expect Democrats and Republicans to vote along party lines, so Democrats need to convince Independents of Trump’s guilt if they want a chance at the White House.

That will be hard to do, however, if they’re not actually watching the impeachment hearings. Democrats most likely calculated that by withholding information about the impeachment hearings, they’d increase public interest in their findings and be able to unveil their “gotcha” moment in public, ensuring the absolute defeat of Trump.

However, their underwhelming investigation has done just the opposite. There is no “smoking gun,” and the patience of the American people is wearing thin.

The numbers for people that are engaged to the point of reading summary points is also very thin, with only 30% saying they are even doing that. The numbers among both Democrat and Republican voters are also troubling for Democrats.

The Reuters/IPSOS poll showed that only 35% of Democrats and a mere 26% of Republicans are watching the hearings. When it came to reading about or listening to news summaries of the impeachment, Democrats outnumber both Republicans and Independent voters.

Nobody Cares

The fact that fewer are watching than expected presents several challenges for Democrats. As mentioned above, there is the problem of not being able to sway viewers. That is nothing, though, to the fairly safe assumption most people view this inquiry as a waste of time and money.

If that assumption is correct, this entire process is going to do far more harm than good to the Democrat chances of winning back the White House in 2020.

Americans are and have been upset about wasteful government spending for decades. We can only imagine the tab that Democrats are running up with these hearings, and they are just getting started.

If the impeachment goes through the House, we will have at least another six weeks of a Senate trial. Political commentator Dana Perino actually mentioned this when the hearings were getting started, suggesting Republicans launch a ticker to show voters the accumulating costs of this impeachment.

If Dems come out of this with nothing, they are going to have a lot of explaining to do  –and you better believe that the American people will hold them accountable come Election Day.

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