‘Follow the science’: Health experts, GOP lawmakers blast Pelosi for House mask rules

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is facing new public criticism over her strict mask mandate on Capitol Hill.

According to the Daily Caller, former White House COVID-19 task force adviser Brett Giroir asserts that Pelosi’s rule requiring lawmakers to wear face masks amounts to little more than unscientific “political theater.”

“Actually sending the wrong message”

Giroir, who served as a health adviser during the Trump administration, offered his harsh assessment during a Fox News Channel appearance on Wednesday.

“If you’ve been fully vaccinated, it’s safe for you to be unmasked and very importantly it’s safe for other people even if they haven’t been vaccinated to be around you unmasked,” he said, as the Daily Caller reported. “You are protected and you’re safe around others.”

As for Pelosi’s rules in the House, Giroir dismissed them as “pure political theater” and “not based in science.”

He went on to argue that the mandate is “actually sending the wrong message to Americans again” — perhaps even discouraging some skeptical citizens from getting vaccinated.

“We should be inspiring confidence in the vaccine, and what Americans are seeing is the Biden administration is talking the talk but the speaker of the House is not walking the walk,” Giroir added.

“Return to normal voting procedures”

Giroir’s denouncement of Pelosi’s leadership on the matter concluded with his determination that “this is dangerous to public health and needs to be fixed.”

Pelosi continues to enforce her requirement despite the recently updated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines allowing fully vaccinated Americans to ditch their masks in most situations.

About 75% of Congress is believed to fall into the “fully vaccinated” category, and everyone on Capitol Hill has had the opportunity to get their shots. Congressional Republicans responded to Pelosi’s rule by sending her a letter calling for an end to the mask rule.

Citing the new CDC guidance, the GOP lawmakers urged the speaker to “follow the science” and “immediately return to normal voting procedures and end mandatory mask requirements in the House of Representatives.”

In response to the pressure, Pelosi has provided little evidence of budging, even seeming to imply that she would only lift the requirement if all members of Congress receive the vaccine.

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