MSNBC’s Chris Hayes says Trump should resign over coronavirus response

Virtually from the moment President Donald Trump ascended to the Oval Office, commentators on MSNBC have been on the attack.

The onslaught continued on Friday night when network host Chris Hayes demanded that Trump resign immediately over the administration’s coronavirus response, asserting that his departure is “an urgent matter of public health,” according to the Daily Caller.

“We have Donald Trump”

Hayes, like most liberals, would prefer to be led rather than represented.

To that point, he stated, “We need leadership and a leader to get us out of this. But we do not have that leader. We have Donald Trump.”

With coronavirus cases continuing to climb in this country, we can fully expect more rants like this from Hayes and his fellow liberals in the mainstream media as they attempt to defeat Trump in the general election and hand Joe Biden the keys to the White House.

Willful blindness

Still, like most mainstream journalists today, Hayes seems to be forgetting or purposefully disregarding several key elements when it comes to assigning blame for the apparent surge in COVID-19 infections.

First and foremost, governors are responsible for the pace and extend of economic reopenings within their own states, and while Trump can certainly make his preferences known, the decision ultimately resides at the state level.

Second, far too many Americans have quickly and unthinkingly returned to their pre-pandemic lifestyles, packing bars and restaurants and hosting parties full of people in close proximity to one another.

We must also not forget the weeks of social justice protests that took place across the country that put potentially infected individuals shoulder to shoulder with one another for extended periods of time.

Hayes unhinged

When Trump called on state and local governments to curtail those demonstrations, he was either ignored or deemed racist for even attempting to quell the unrest and limit the risk of viral contagion.

That matters little to Hayes, however, who, according to the Daily Caller, claims that with regard to the coronavirus, “[Trump] has failed definitively. And it is an urgent matter of public health, of public safety at this moment for the president, Donald Trump, to resign.”

Trump surely made some mistakes along the way in terms of managing the federal response to COVID-19, but in terms of responsibility for the recent uptick in outbreaks nationwide, it seems clear that there is plenty of blame to go around.

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