Report: Two Hawaiian radio stations broadcast Chinese-language propaganda

While Democrats have spent the last two years overstating the relatively benign threat of election meddling from Russian sources, America has been exposed to an infinitely more dangerous menace. A confidential directive from China indicates that the communist state has “mobilized covert actors, front groups and propaganda outlets” to target Americans with clandestine “influence activities.”

In just the latest sign of an escalating cold war between the world powers, two radio stations in Hawaii are reportedly blasting Chinese-language propaganda into the island state in support of Beijing’s information operations.

These hostile actions represent the latest influence campaign from the Asian superpower, whose continued espionage, identity theft, and intellectual property theft directly challenges U.S. sovereignty.

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Military officials have identified one of the Hawaii-based radio stations as KHCM, a state-owned subsidiary of China Radio International (CRI), a communications firm that has served as China’s international propaganda outlet. The influence campaign in Hawaii was uncovered just as a pro-Beijing broadcasting company looks to convince the Federal Communications Commission to approve the purchase of a radio station near Tijuana.

Experts warn that if China succeeds in leasing Radio Station XEWW-AM in Mexico, Beijing will be beam Chinese propaganda to the large Chinese-American community living in southern California. FCC documents detail how China plans to transform the current Spanish-language radio station into a Mandarin broadcaster to carry out its influence operations.

“The Chinese Communist Party (CPC) is waging an information warfare campaign to undermine American democracy,” Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) wrote in a Sept. 11 letter to the FCC.

“The decision before the commission risks allowing the CPC to broadcast government-approved propaganda into Southern California, one of the most densely populated regions in America of Mandarin speakers, to boost that warfare campaign,” Cruz said.

Devious plans unveiled

China’s attempt to secure a new source from which to broadcast anti-American propaganda comes as U.S. Vice President Mike Pence described Beijing’s plans to unseat President Donald Trump.

“In June, Beijing circulated a sensitive document, entitled ‘Propaganda and Censorship Notice,’ that laid out its strategy,” Pence explained during an Oct. 4 speech outlining the dismal state of Chinese-American relations. “Beijing has mobilized covert actors, front groups and propaganda outlets to shift Americans’ perception of Chinese policies.”

According to U.S. intelligence sources, the Russian election meddling experienced in 2016 “pales in comparison to what China is doing across this country.”

The Chinese directive was subsequently published by the California-based China Digital Times, and it details Beijing’s formulated response to the Trump administration’s trade war strategy which is effectively hemorrhaging the Chinese economy. Vice Premier Liu He, who has been tasked by Beijing with handling the trade dispute, advised his subordinates to remain “calm and rational, strengthen interdepartmental coordination, [and] establish a coherent power in stabilizing market forecasts.”

“We are done with talks, we must now not yield an inch, and formulate reciprocal measures,”a translated copy of the directive states.

Done talking?

The directive continues, highlighting strategies that appear to be taken directly from Moscow’s playbook.

“We must carefully control our propaganda tone, not to escalate, not to expand the scope. Instead, we must fire precision strikes, we must sow discord among different groups in the United States and make them collapse,” the document states. “Trade war is in reality a war against China’s rise. We must see who can last to the end, and we must never be weak and soft in action and in rhetoric.”

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If China plans to fight an economic war with the U.S., they are waging a war that cannot be won.

But that doesn’t mean that Beijing can’t harm U.S. economic expansion in the process of trying to overtake American ingenuity. U.S. policymakers should treat the Chinese threat as seriously as Democrats have pretended to fear Russia.

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