Having sex with animals suddenly legal in Western nation!

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Man-and-woman biblical marriage was the family standard for, well, millennia.

Then came the homosexual ideology, and lesbian and transgender activism.

Some outbreaks of advocacy for polygamy already have appeared.

What’s left?

How about bestiality?

report from Not the Bee has explained, “In case you didn’t think the world was sinking low enough with all the gender/pedophilia craziness, I give you Spain’s new Animal Welfare Law that decriminalizes having sex with animals because zoophiles are just another spectrum on the trans flag.”

The report explained the “zoophilia-affirming law was pushed by Ione Belarra Urteaga, the minister of Social Rights and 2030 Agenda. … In addition to championing human/animal love the 2030 Agenda ministry also oversees family affairs, minors protection, disability and prevention of youth crime, adoptions and foster care, and the promotion of cultural communication and youth association.”

The report noted the “new version” states: “The person who by any means or procedure mistreats a domestic or tamed animal, an animal that is usually domesticated, an animal that temporarily or permanently lives under human control outside of legally regulated activities including acts of a sexual nature, causing injuries that require veterinary treatment to the restoration of its health, shall be subject to a minimum of three months up to a maximum of 18 months in prison.”

The report charged, “The change to that ‘or subjects the animal to sexual exploitation’ line essentially means that as long as there isn’t a physical injury that requires veterinary treatment, people are free to have sex with animals.”

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