Sen. Orrin Hatch responds to internet troll who says no one will care when he dies

There is nothing like getting the best of an internet troll — and Sen. Orrin Hatch did just that.

After a liberal internet troll told Sen. Hatch that nobody was going to miss him after he dies, his office responded with a genius tweet of their own:

Mistaken Reports

Hatch was no doubt referring to previous reports that he had passed away.

This summer, someone made a bogus entry on Sen. Hatch’s Wikipedia page saying that he had passed away. Soon thereafter, at the top of the Google search results for Hatch was his death notice.

Hatch took the news of his death well and even sent out a tweet to Google about it:

To further verify the fact that he was alive, his office sent out pictures on social media showing the senator reading that day’s paper and enjoying some breakfast.

Google was quick to respond, telling him they would get the situation rectified shortly.

The Not So Tolerant Left

It is tough to recall a more temperamental time in politics than the last few years.

Liberals are now very quick to throw out threats and attack conservatives at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, the media is overlooking the part the liberals are playing in today’s heated political climate, and blaming conservatives for the discourse.

Things have gotten so bad that even Democrats in office have been promoting violence against conservatives.

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Of course, after something happens, they all say they really didn’t mean it — but by then, it is already too late.

Despite all this, it is good to see a Republican in office is somehow able to retain a sense of humor — even when being attacked by liberal trolls about his own demise.

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