Has Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez been lying about where she is living?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appears to have been caught in yet another lie.

The New York Democrat’s residence in her congressional district has come under considerable scrutiny lately, but the proof of where she is living and when she moved may be found in her Instagram feed. While claiming to have only moved last month from the space she listed as her home on her 2018 campaign forms, photos released by the Daily Mail pulled from Instagram videos of Ocasio-Cortez show she may have actually changed residences as early as November of last year.

Where Does She Live?

AOC’s constituents want to know how to get a hold of their member of Congress.

To find out, some reporters started to dig around. They soon found her voter registration address.

What they found at that address was an apartment building that AOC apparently never so much as visits.

When neighbors, business owners, and even the mailman were asked if they ever see AOC at that address, they all responded with a resounding no.

The mailman even said notes are always left on the door for her, but they are never even seen by AOC.

AOC’s spokesperson recently said that the new congresswoman changed residences in February, and now resides a few blocks away from that apartment with her boyfriend. But Instagram videos on AOC’s feed show the same kitchen as far back as November as they do now.

No Office, No Phone

In addition to answers about her living accommodations, voters want to know why she does not have a local office yet. Ocasio-Cortez does not even have a local phone line set up for her constituents to call.

The Democrat is claiming she’s having landlord problems, but you don’t need a landlord to set up a phone answering service for the members of your district.

This is one of many lies that have come from AOC. While complaining she didn’t have any money for an apartment in Washington before she actually took office, an investigation found that she had at least five figures in the bank.

Not only that, when she finally did get an apartment, it was in one of the more swanky sections of D.C., with some rents approaching $5,000 per month.

AOC better get all her players on the same page if she expects to pull off this incessant lying, because right now, all she is doing is proving her naysayers right.

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