Night Court star Harry Anderson has died at age 65

One of the more iconic actors of our youth has sadly passed away.

On Monday, Harry Anderson, 65, was found dead in his North Carolina home.

Judge Harry Stone

For many of us, “Night Court” was a must see every week.

Anderson’s character, Judge Harry Stone, was a unique blend of an understanding judge, an eccentric part-time magician, and Anderson’s standup routine.

Harry never thought the show would last a single season, let alone have a nine-year run.

Before Night Court

While Harry Anderson was best known for his role on “Night Court,” it was far from the only gig he had ever had.

Anderson has more than two-dozen credits to his name.

Prior to morphing into Judge Stone, Anderson had made several appearances as Harry Gates (a con man) on “Cheers.”

Post “Night Court,” he was the star of “Dave’s World.”

While not as successful as “Night Court,” “Dave’s World” made a dent in TV history, with just under 100 episodes being aired.

Stephen King fans will also remember his role as Richie Tozier in the TV movie “It.”


Harry Anderson may have been made famous for his TV roles, but there is little doubt magic was his first true love.

As fans of “Night Court” can attest, he always seemed to work a little magic into every role.

“I got into magic when I was a child,” Anderson once stated.

“Unlike most kids, I stayed with it. My high school teachers were always asking me what I was going to do. It made me what I am today – available for weekend employment, parties, and bar mitzvahs.”

In the early days, street magic was exactly how Anderson paid the bills.

In fact, one of his first roles, Harry the Hat (Cheers) was based on his early days, where he would hustle for quarters and drinks at local bars and on street corners.

A Different Kind of Guy

Anderson’s “oddness” did not just show up in his TV roles, either.

Unlike most actors, Moore basically called it quits in his prime.

He simply did not want to “chase” roles as the calendar rolled over, but rather enjoy his golden years doing what he loved to do… magic.

No doubt, Anderson will be missed dearly by his fans and his former co-stars.

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Markie Post, who played an attorney on “Night Court” stated, “I am devastated. I’ll talk about you later Harry, but for now, I’m devastated.”

RIP Harry Anderson.

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