Kamala Harris goes nearly 2 weeks without holding presser on border crisis

Last month, Vice President Kamala Harris was tapped to handle the escalating border security crisis by her boss, President Joe Biden.

According to Fox News, while Harris has taken a few questions from the media (some of which she simply cackles away), nearly two weeks have elapsed since becoming the new immigration czar — and she has yet to hold a press conference or a formal meeting on the issue. 

What’s her new role?

Aside from holding meetings with world leaders — which has been criticized as a bizarre move by many, given that initial calls between a new administration and foreign leaders are traditionally a president’s duty — Harris was given the task of reigning in the immigration disaster at the southern U.S. border.

A large part of her duties includes working with Mexico and Central American countries in efforts to return many of the migrants back to those countries and helping them bolster security at their own borders, as Biden pointed out when he announced Harris’ new role.

“The vice president has agreed — among the multiple other things that I have her leading — and I appreciate it — agreed to lead our diplomatic effort and work with those nations to accept re– — the returnees, and enhance migration enforcement at their borders — at their borders,” Biden said last month.

The White House later went on to assert that it wasn’t necessarily the crisis at the border that Harris was tasked with handling; rather, she’ll attempt to correct what it called the “root causes” of the influx in illegal immigrants pouring onto U.S. soil.

So far, the mainstream media and Americans have absolutely no clue as to what — if any — progress she’s made in the last two weeks on the issue because she’s conveniently stayed out of the media spotlight during that time period.

What’s she doing?

In fact, as Fox notes, Harris seems to be doing everything except addressing the current situation on the border. Earlier in the week, she took a trip to Chicago, Illinois reportedly to address “vaccine equity,” which, presumably for many Americans, ranks much lower on the kitchen-table priority list.

In a recent trip to the southern U.S. border, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) held nothing back as he implored Harris to visit the border and begin working on a solution. “This is your job to fix,” Graham said during a news conference.

The border issue and Harris’ seeming lack of action in tackling it have sparked similar calls from a number of high-profile Republicans, many of whom have squarely placed the blame for the problem on the Biden administration, suggesting that rolling back a number of former President Donald Trump’s border and immigration policies was the catalyst.

Only time will tell if Harris is able to affect any meaningful change with regard to the disaster currently unfolding at the southern U.S. border, but holding a press conference to address some of the tough questions would certainly be a wise start.

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