Kamala Harris draws scrutiny for snubbing Biden on border ‘in a very public fashion’: Report

Who’s really in charge at the White House? A new report suggests Kamala Harris is taking over for Uncle Joe.

According to Breitbart, the vice president has all but rejected an order from President Joe Biden to force Central American countries to enforce their own laws amid an ongoing crisis at the U.S.–Mexico border. Instead, a spokesperson for Harris has promised to work diplomatically with those countries to target the problem at its source.

“The president asked the vice president to take on the diplomatic effort, with Mexico and countries in the northern triangle to address the root causes of migration,” Harris’ press secretary, Symone Sanders, clarified in a statement, according to Breitbart.

“There are many reasons that move these folks to make this dangerous journey,” Sanders added.

A diplomatic effort

Biden had first put Harris in charge of managing the border crisis during a televised statement last week. In his talk, the president said Harris would “lead our diplomatic effort” at the southern border and get countries like Mexico to “enhance migration enforcement at their [own] borders.”

Breitbart suggests that the latest statement from Harris’ office shows she has no intentions of honoring the latter half of that request.

It’s a development that comes as many on the right have expressed concern over Biden’s choice to put Harris at the helm of some of the biggest issues pressing the nation. During his talk on the border crisis last week, the president said Harris “speaks for” him.

“When she speaks, she speaks for me. Doesn’t have to check with me,” Biden said, according to Breitbart. “She knows what she’s doing, and I hope we can move this along.”

The White House has also drawn scrutiny for referring to itself as the “Biden–Harris administration,” a break from previous executive branches, who typically only listed the name of the commander-in-chief.

“An amazing dismissal”

As for the latest controversy, former Trump administration official Ken Cuccinelli told Breitbart that Harris’ snub marked “an amazing dismissal by a vice president of her president in a very public fashion.”

“I cannot ever remember seeing this happen before,” Cuccinelli said, according to Breitbart.

He went on: “Harris’ avoidance of enforcement or any attempt to stem illegal immigration flow points out that they actually want large numbers of illegal aliens to come into the country. Their other legislative and executive actions make clear they intend to then give them amnesty and have them registered to vote and ultimately of course to vote.”

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